Built using practices and scripts from the previous climbing vr simulation: Touted Valley, to expand upon the fun, and intimate use of virtual reality climbing. By reusing established scripts and presets, I could take the project further by incorperating more into the scene, while ensuring that the game still functioned. Without this practice, Canyin would have been just as, and even more chaotic behind the scenes, than previous virtual reality simulation projects.


CANYIN is an upcoming local multiplayer virtual reality multiplayer game with a bold emphasis on connection, interplay, and experiences with aesthetic and musical choices. Players can connect with others to traverse this new map, and work together to solve the unlimited points of climbing. Each zone changes the difficulty of its course, and each sport unique climbing elements from dangling ropes to color changing routes. This virtual reality, while features climbing, hopes to use the activity of climbing to connect friends together through seemingly physical activities.
I was inspired to develop this title after seeing my roommates and some others bond more closely through indoor climbing. They would discuss feverently about potential ways to complete a course, and dispute over technique. It was a distraction that required a bit of mental exercise, which ultimately helped to elevate the immersiveness within CANYIN with more real and choreful experience.

Lessons learned

I was able to discover a few techniques and practices I found to be insightful. Mainly, I was introduced to PHOTON PUN, and scene stringing/transitions. This helped push my vr game from a demo scene into a full gamelike playable experience. I also developed better environmental build practices by layering detail over, rather than working in pockets of area to make them look better before moving on. This allowed me to port the experience over to my quest 2 successfully and run smoothly at 90 hertz.

Tools and Resources

Virtual Reality Interative Framework - Procreate - PolyBrush - uModeler - Nicrom - MK TOON


Title Track Music



Main Map Music



Peak Music